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Re dazione e d Amministrazione : NIO s. Distribuzione e L ogistic a: NIO s. Si ringrazia pe r la c ollaborazione : T he guinne ss tre e in Murano square Fo to di Bruno Baro vie r All rig hts re se rve d. Re pro duc tio n in who le o r in part stric tly pro hibite d.

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T he c ho ic e o f the adve rtising te xts has be e n made at the disc re tio n o f the Ve nic e Mag azine staff. Platinum and diamonds earings. Platinum and diamonds ring "Form and ornament are the result of the unconscious common work of men who belong to a specific civilization. Everything else is art".

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NIO adv. In the Senate wanted to remove the old and battered clock of St. Alipio — which stood at the north-west corner of the Basilica — and commis- sioned the renowned clock- maker Zuan Carlo to design a new clock.

When the Tower was built the idea was skieur de fond suisse anti aging the three Magi and the Angel with the trumpet would come out from the second-floor balcony and parade in front of the Madonna with child every hour thanks to a particular mechanism. However, the wear that the various parts were subject to and the complexity of the mechanism led to a less fre- quent use of it and even today, skieur de fond suisse anti aging procession of the Magi occurs only two times a year: on 6th January on Epiphany and in June on Ascension day.

Les éphémérides d'Alcide

The current wooden statues are the ones remade by Giovan Battista Alviero in The clock-face was also par- tially modified. Indeed, the 15th century version not only recorded the hour by Roman numerals, had an upper ring economico, e la Piazza, con la Basilica, il Palazzo del Doge e il porto, assi portanti del potere politico e religioso della Repubblica.

Le statue lignee attuali peraltro sono quelle rifatte da Giovan Battista Alviero nel With the last restoration, which was officially comple- ted in Maythe clock was completely dismantled and the original mechanism was checked and its functio- nality was restored. Thanks to rigorous histori- cal and philological resear- ches it was also possible for the clock to regain its origi- nal status, designed in the 18th century.

Since November, it is possi- ble to visit the clock tower from the inside — only with advanced booking and accompanied by professio- nal guides —at the discovery of the extraordinary mecha- nisms that make the clock work.

Once you have reached the balcony you will be deligh- ted by a suggestive and unu- sual view of Venice from above.

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Il recente restauro, termina- to ufficialmente lo scorso maggio, ha per la prima volta previsto lo smontaggio, la verifica e il ripristino nel suo stato originario di ogni mec- canismo, fino a recuperarne la perfetta funzionalità. Ingresso euro 12 dai 6 annisu prenotazione, con visite tutti i giorni esclusi XII e 1.


T he syste m is c o mpo se d by five dif- fe re nt se c tio ns trains : the Go ing T rain, the T rain o f the wo rking o f the Mo o rs, the T rain o f the stro ke s, the Astro no mic Mac hine and the Barre l o f ho urs and minute s.

Ene rgy is supplie d by a syste m o f we i- ghts that are suppo se d to be pe rio di- c ally lifte d and lo ade d. T his struc turewhic h is no wadays pe rfe c tly re adable and in wo rking o rde r, date s bac k to the alte ratio n by Barto lo me o Fe rrac ina who made c o n- side rable c hang e s to the pre vio us mac hine built aro und the e nd o f the fifte e nth c e n- tury by G.

Carlo Rainie ri.

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Ilc uore dell'in- te ro siste ma d e ll'O ro lo g io è un c omplic a- to insieme di in g ra n a g g i situati in una grande struttura metallic a a pian- ta c ruc iforme posta alc entro della T orre. Il sistema è c omposto da c in- que distinte sezioni treni : il T reno del T empo, il T reno del funzionamento dei Mori, il T re no de i c o lpi, la Mac c hina Astronomic a e il T àmbure delle ore e dei minu- ti.

L 'energia è fornita dalmec skieur de fond suisse anti aging anismo deipesic he debbono essere periodic amente rialzati e ric aric skieur de fond suisse anti aging. Questa struttura c he anc ora oggi è perfettamente leggi- bile e funzio nanterisale all'inte rve nto di Barto lo me o Ferrac ina c he modific ò signific ativamente l'origina- ria skieur de fond suisse anti aging c hina c ostruita a fine Quattroc ento da G. Carlo Rainieri. TheMechanism Rilie vo: ing.

Calaméo - Venice Magazine 42

Simonpie tro Ca rra io Dise g ni: a rc h. T he e xhibition, ope ne d until April the 16thhosts the c olle c tion c oming from the donation by Count Vittorio Cini to Gabine tto de i Dise gni e de lle Stampe of Corre rMuse um in T he 28 drawings we re pre viously c ontaine d into an e le gant binding of rough le athe r, following the Roc oc ò manne r, but the y we re untie d in and arrange d on a c ardboard frame. T he c olle c ser anti-imbatranire dermatologie pre se nts the me s tie d to Old and Ne w T e stame nt, suc h as the Adoration of Magi, the Re surre c tions of L azarus and Christ, the banishme nt of unruly ange ls, all c arrie d out with a pe n te c hniqueshade d with brushstroke s of brown ink, se pia orsanguine and lights of white ne r, while the size of the she e ts of pape ris said to be around 50 c e ntime tre s by Fac ing the lac k of c hronologic al re fe re nc e s and afte r a c are ful analysissc holars all agre e the ir origins c an be trac e d bac k to the first half of the e ighte e nth c e ntury.

Iordan Al. La conférence s est déroulée sous le haut patronage de l Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, qui a financé la parution des actes. Philippide and the Poetics of Negativity.

L a mostrafino a l 16 a prilepre se skieur de fond suisse anti aging la ra c c olta prove - nie nte da lla dona zione e ffe ttua ta da l c onte Vittori Cini ne l a l Ga bine tto de i Dise g ni e de lle Sta mpe de l Muse o Corre r. I ve ntotto dise g ni e ra no in orig ine c onse rva ti in una e le g a nte rile g a tura di c uoio zig rina to in stile Roc oc ò, ma furono sc iolti ne l e posiziona ti in una monta tura su c a rtone.

From the time she first exhi- bited at Biennale of Venice in In she went to Pompeii where she was deeply affected by those petrified bodies.

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For the works of that period, she would get her inspiration from those bodies covered in ashes, but the references to Etruscan, Tuscan art and that of Rome in Republican times, would become strongly manifest.

Right after the war, she became a guest of the most important exhibitions of the time and she was thought to be a master by the greatest international critics and collectors, role which is even more significant since she is one of the few feminine figures to reach such virtuosity in sculpture.

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Fin da quando, nelespone alla Biennale di Venezia. T he Hurric a nede ta il, —49 Da rk pa tina te d bronze ; x 71 x 47 c m Ge rma ine Ric hie r fa mily c olle c tion Photo Fra nç ois Guite r, c oll.

A masterpiece of gothic architec- ture, it reveals a grandiose stratification of building and ornamental elements. The interiors, superbly decorated by legions of artists, including Tiziano, Veronese, Tintoretto, Vittoria and Tiepolo, offer a range of different experiences: from the vast halls of poli- tical power to the interior finishings of the Doge's chambers, from the gloom of the prison cells to the brightness of the loggias overlooking St.

Marc o, 52 ph.

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The museum is divided into three sections: the neo-classical part, the histo- rical part, about Venetian civilisation, and the Venetian picture gallery well displayed by Carlo Scarpa. Pe rma ne nt e xhibition: collections of weapons, games, marble and bronze sculptures, coins and medals. T e mpora ry e xhibition: Words and Figures.

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Moments in book andpresshistory from the collection of the Museo Correr. Until March 4. Permanent exhibition: collections of ori- ginal documents, remains and models of boats of several forms and sizes.

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Collections of furni- ture, Chinese and Venetian vases. Collection of wooden statues by Brustolon. Until April It is located in the buil- ding of Procuratie Nuove in St. The exhibition, supervised by Jen- Louis Andral, director of the Picasso Museum of Antibes, is situated at the second floor of the palace and covers skieur de fond suisse anti aging period immediately after the war, i.

Francais Roumain

In that period Picasso frequently sojourns in Cannes, Golfe-Juan and Antibes, forms a relationship with Françoise Gilot with whom he will live until and will have two children. Curata da Jean-Louis Andral, direttore del Museo Picasso di Antibes, la mostra è allestita al secondo piano del Palazzo e si occupa del perio- do immediatamente successi- vo a quello grave e scuro, pre- cedente e contemporaneo alla guerra.

Picasso soggiorna frequentemente a Cannes, Golfe-Juan e Antibes, stringe una relazione con Françoise Gilot, con la quale vivrà fino al e dalla quale avrà due figli. Full of use ful and de taile d information. Il se gue nte listing de sc rive famosi e d inte re ssanti muse i, te atri e galle rie de lla c ittà.

Comple to di informazioni utili e de ttagliate. Pe rmane nt e xhibition: collections of bronzes, ceramics, jewels and coins and very beautiful sculptures with many ori- ginal Greek and Roman pieces. Marc o ph. Mark, in order to receive Latin and Greek codes, gifts by Cardinal Bessarione. T emporary exhibition: Panorami Veneti. Until January 7. Polo, ph. Permanent exhibition: Venetian skieur de fond suisse anti aging cal relics and many texts, original manu- scripts and theatrical works of several eras.

Per manent exhibition: unique extant copies ofMuranoglassandRenaissancepiecesfrom the collections of Correr, Moli and Cicogna. Marc o, ph. Nowadays, because of restoration works, in the museum are organized only temporary exhibitions of visual communication.


Until December Pe rmane nt e xhibition: numerous laces made by the annexed school, impor- tant designs, photographic crema anti-imbatranire rtl 2 icono- graphic examples. Pe rmane nt e xhibition: collections of furniture, texts and wedding contracts, woven fabrics of liturgical use, orna- mental silvers, fabrics and curtains.

T e mpo ra ry e xhibitio n: Self-Portrait. From January 20 to May 6. Croc eph. Pe rmane nt e xhibition: a selection of rare items — textiles and costumes - of special value and an important library specialised in this sector. T e mporary e xhibition: Textile Art a Venezia. Apollonia convent 12thth century. A rare jewel of Romanic architecture, the cloister con- tains the Lapidario Marciano with Roman and Byzantine stone fragments.

Permanent exhibition: works of art, fur- nishings and holy furniture. Nowadays, during the venetian carnival season, masked balls are organized in this palace. Agne seph. It is considered as an extension of the Swiss Institute in Rome. The multivalent hall, open to the Swiss Cultural Institutions operating in Italy, hosts arti- stic manifestations, expositions, exhibits, meetings, conferences and concerts. T e mporary e xhibition: The Chocolate industry in Switzerland and Skieur de fond suisse anti aging.

Pe rmane nt e xhibition: extensive col- lection of 20th century paintings by.

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