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So, it is the result of inventing making something for the first time, devising, fabricating. Inventions in power and machinery brought the industrial revolution; inventions in products brought the revolution in comfort and enjoyment.

Other inventions brought revolution in the way society organizes itself, or in health. Sophia in Constantinople.

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The first English printer was William Caxton who set up his printing press in Westminster in The telescope was invented by Galileo in ; he used it to study the heavens and discovered the mountains on the Moon, the spots on the Sun, the sattelites of Jupiter, the millions of stars forming the Milky Way. When at sea on long voyages sailors use chronometers, which are very accurate watches telling the true Greenwich time while travelling round the world.

The sextants invented in are instruments by means of which seamen can tell their exact position by observing the angle of the sun or a star above the horizon and then making a calculation from a book of tables.

In James Watt patented the steam engine which drove a wheel round. In George Stephenson's famous railway engine, the Rocket, hauled a train at 30 miles an hour. In Charles Parsons's steam turbine worked.

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Edison Thomas discovered that electricity could be used for lighting. If a current of electricity passes through a fine thread or filament of carbon it will glow white hot and give a strong light. The thread of carbon is enclosed in a glass bulb from which the air has been extracted, making a vacuum.

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The telephone was invented by A. Graham Bell in Heinrich Hertz proved that J. Maxwell's "radio waves" fti turistik suisse anti aging been correct. These waves fti turistik suisse anti aging known as "Hertzian waves" and they can be transmitted fti turistik suisse anti aging wires across space.

But it was Guglielmo Marconi who discovered the importance of an aerial-earth system and so made radio transmissions over great distances a real possibility.

Not long before the first radar set was invented. Radar is possible because radio waves, travelling atmiles a second can be reflected like sound or light waves. It determines the direction, distance, height and speed of a reflecting object.

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The colour Television is a very recent invention. The pneumatic tyre was John Dunlop's discovery who made tyres of rubber tubes filled with air.


The first motor car was made in by the Australian Siegfried Marcus but the German Carl Benz made motocars for sale in In the wellknown sportsman Charles Rolls went into partnership with Henry Royce, an engineer; together they built the Rolls-Royce motor car. The Diesel engine was first devised by an Englishman, H.

Stuart, in The German Rudolf Diesel was also working on the same idea, and although his invention was patented two years after Stuart's, this kind of engines are named after him.

The jet engine was Frank Whittle's invention and was patented in The first photo was taken by W. Fox Talbot inalthough many people had a hand in inventing photography. The French Daguerre used copper plates covered with silver, then, inglass plates were used for the first time and in film was made of celluloid.

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The next development was the moving picture and here again a number of people were concerned. The first public showing of a film was in London in Many improvements were made by inventors, mostly in the United States.

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In a complete exciting story was filmed and, gradually, the cinema industry was born. In Ernest Rutherford stated that an atom consists of a central nucleus which has a positive electric charge and constantly circling electrons with a negative fti turistik suisse anti aging charge.

This is a tremendous discovery as it forms the basis of modern nuclear physics and of the industries producing atomic power and nuclear energy. Atomic energy is obtained by splitting atoms of a rare metal, uranium, in a reactor. At an atomic power station the reactors get very hot; the gas passing through them becomes hot too, then it goes into the boilers where it makes steam drive the turbines which, in turn, drive the dynamos that make electricity.

In the German Rntgen discovered that rays coming from a tube through which high-voltage electricity was passed, made a chemically-coated paper nearly glow.

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If placing a hand in front of the apparatus, the rays passed through the flesh but left a picture of the bones on a photographic plate. Rntgen called them X-rays which are now used in radiography.

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The discovery of the transistor fti turistik suisse anti aging the s and of the small silicon chip with printed circuits on it in the s made miniaturisation possible and brought computers into every field of activity. Automatic cookers, digital watches, printers, flight simulators, pocket calculators,desk-top computers are only few of the new computer- based inventions.

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