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Body massage75 minutes - 55 EuroSABAI MASSAGEAchieve complete relaxation and a fullyenergized body through a complexmassage combining oils rich in zinc andcopper with the healing power of warmgranite stones positioned fromextremities towards the center of thebody along the main energy centers. Variouseye conditions, sinusitis, rhinitis, insomniaor anxiety can be treated through thistechnique. This is followed by a backmassage and the placement of volcanicstones along allegro anti aging spine, ending with ageneral relaxation massage.

Body massage85 minutes - 55 Eurow w w.

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Masajul se face de obicei pe [olduri,picioare, fese [i adomen. Se curatela elvețiană anti-îmbătrânire cremereductoare sau uleiuri specifice, pentru a sporiefectul anticelulitic.

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This type ofmassage is carried out locally, in the affectedareas. The massage is generally performedon the hips, legs, buttocks, and abdomen.

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Reducing lotions or specific oils are used, toincrease anti-cellulite efficiency. Thismassage stimulates skin and subcutaneoustissue flexibility and elasticity, bloodcirculation allegro anti aging also improved.

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The application of the smooth stonesof different dimensions is done starting fromthe extremities towards the median part ofthe body, on the main energy centers. Then comes a scalp massage to create a bioenergeticstream throughout the body,restoring the blood flow.

According totraditional Chinese medicine, allrepresentative yang active energy meridians are ending in the scalp, intensivelyused in our daily life, which explains theassociation of scalp problems and hair losswith state of stress, fatigue, nervousnessand sleep disorders.

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Fara ace, fara perioada de recuperare,fara durere, vanatai, edeme sau risc de infectii —Mezoterapia non-invaziva este tratamentul ideal pentruperfectionarea allegro anti aging tipurilor de piele. Vanish away wrinkles, depigmentation, cellulite, and localized fat deposits with the groundbreakingalternative Mezotherapy method: a scientifically and clinically attested non-invasive transdermalprocedure.

Eliminating body toxins and improving blood circulation have a strong revitalizing and energizing effect, melting away thestress and fatigue. Allegro anti aging Beauty comprises10 treatment sessions using mud,seaweed, caffeine, chocolate, greentea and grapes, enabling the skin toregain its beauty, firmness andbrightness.

Body treatment10 sessions - Eurow w w. Cleanses, hydrates and looks after the skin using organic products that regenerate the tissue, enabling the skin to regain itsfirmness and beauty.

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Thestimulation of the micro-circulationincreases the brightness of the skin,while the correction of the shouldersand neck regulates breathing. Dry skin becomes visibly hydrated andfortified. Facial Treatment60 minutes1 session - 70 Eurow w w. Their ability to close pores andto reduce deep wrinkles is supported bythe GK4 technology using ultrasounds,ionization and infrared technology.

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The amplification ofnatural hydration factors through theGK4 technology — a combination ofultrasounds, ionization and infra-reds —speeds up the results of thistreatments. The skin goes through aprocess consisting of cleansing, peeling,detoxifying mask, hydration, ionization,thermo-therapy, massage and toningusing high-frequency waves.

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The extra weight can be lost and the allegro anti aging toned with just a few days of fitness, swimming, professional massages, hydrotherapyand treatments using chocolate, caffeine, mud and seaweed. Body hydrotherapy20 minutes1 session - Allegro anti aging anti-cellulitetreatment includes a peeling sessionfollowed by a massage, serum and maskapplication, all without a thermo-cover.

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Delicious andeffective, this treatment stimulates fatburn, relaxes and revitalizes the skin. A men energizing program that helps stimulate body strength, increase body resilience and vitality.

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Complemented by the GK4technology using ultrasounds,ionization and infra-reds, the facemassage with products rich inminerals, vitamins, proteins, citric acidand hamamelis freshens the skin,enabling it to regain its elasticity andstrength. Facial Treatment60 minutes - 70 Eurow w w.

Relaxation, pampering and full body rejuvenation through the healing powers of water, plants and sapropelic mud fromnearby renowned Techirghiol Lake. Tratament corporal20 minute - Hidromasaj corporal20 minute - 15 EuroMUD BATHDue to its revitalizing effect that helpsskin regain its flexibility, the renownedtreatment using Techirghiol sapropelicmud and salty water has spectacularhealing benefits for various rheumatic,orthopedic and skin allegro anti aging suchas psoriasis.

Body Treatment20 minutes - The healing power of waterstrengthens the immune system of thebody, enabling it to regain its strengthand vitality. The deep action of waterreduces pain, detoxifies the body andstimulates blood circulation, enablingthe body to regain its vitality andenergy. Body Hydro-massage20 minutes - 15 Eurow w w.

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The showercaresses the body with a refreshingwaterfall combining strong water jetswith a therapist massage. The prevention and treatment of different conditions, as well as physical rehabilitation via exercise, kinesio -therapy and hydro - kinesiotherapy in the swimming pool filled with salty water from the Techirghiol Lake. Masaj [i kinetoterapie30 minute - Medical Gymnasticsfrom 1 to 12 sessions1 session - Thecardiovascular effort is lower in theswimming pool with salty water and thebenefits for the body can be seenimmediately.

Medical Gymnasticsfrom 1 to 5 sessions1 session - Massage and Kinetic - therapy30 minutes - allegro anti aging Reduces muscle pain and circulation issues through modern and noninvasive techniques suchas laser treatment.

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Thepolarized light beam deeplypenetrates the tissue, thusaccelerating the regeneration andbalance of the body. Electro therapy30 minutes7 Eurow w w. Therapies over one day at the Ana Aslan Health spa.